July 7, 2014

The Tour de France Yorkshire – 2014

Well that’s it for Yorkshire. The weekend buzz of Le Tour de France Yorkshire 2014 is over. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, there seemed to be lots of red tape being mentioned which could have potentially ruined the atmosphere you get with the tour but how wrong was I. What a fantastic weekend, the crowds were immense, the weather was better than expected and everything went smoothly apart from the Cavendish crash.

I was up at 5am ready to set off to a spot I had planned several weeks early. This was the hard part, working out how busy it could be. We arrived at around 7am, parking two and a half miles from where we wanted to spectate. After a long walk, a few landscape shots we arrived at the corner to find it empty. On the plus side, I knew I would get the shots I had planned though. With several hours before the caravan was due we decided to keep walking over towards Buttertubs Hill. Even at this early hour, Buttertubs was getting busy. Tents, camper vans, bbq’s on the go. Riders everywhere enjoying the closed roads, albeit still dodging crowds of people. After wondering across the top, we waited in our chosen spot. Watching the crowds ascend past, heading towards butter tubs.

It was a fantastic experience and watching the highlights on Tv showed how mega the crowds really were. Below are some of my favourite images from the day. Hope you all enjoyed it too. Now get out and ride your bike!

Nice bit of rain to start the day.
2014-07-07_0001Luckily it soon cleared up and we could actually see the landscape.
2014-07-07_00042014-07-07_0005With a heavy camera bag, this 25% gradient was fun. At the top, this was the corner I had spotted, a lot quieter than expected. 2014-07-07_0006Slowly the crowds started to form.2014-07-07_00072014-07-07_0008Tour De France YorkshireSome last minute road sweeping. Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_00112014-07-07_0012These guys were ready for action, or a sleep still.2014-07-07_0013Love this 🙂Tour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0018Tour De France YorkshireHiding from the midges. 2014-07-07_0020Tour De France YorkshireThese signs were a little worrying as they were right next to where I wanted to be, luckily no one moved us on. Tour De France YorkshireTour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0024Tour De France YorkshireGetting some help from parents. 2014-07-07_00262014-07-07_00272014-07-07_00282014-07-07_0029Tour De France YorkshireYorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire….2014-07-07_0031Tour De France YorkshireThe sun came out!2014-07-07_0033Tour De France YorkshireStereotype French people, particularly like the cheese triangle on the guys head in the middle. Tour De France YorkshireThis guy was serious, a pro nikon body with 800mm lens, hasselblad on shoulder. He didn’t want to swap his hasselblad with my 5d though 🙁2014-07-07_00362014-07-07_0037This was a marvellous idea for spiderman. 2014-07-07_00382014-07-07_0039The caravan has arrived.2014-07-07_0040Tour De France Yorkshirefree Haribo!!2014-07-07_00422014-07-07_00432014-07-07_00442014-07-07_0045Tour De France YorkshireTour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_00482014-07-07_00492014-07-07_0050Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0052The crowd cheering as the helicopter that films the riders arrives. It went mental at this point, amazing to be there. Tour De France YorkshireJens Voigt working hard on his own, the peleton was 5 minutes behind him at this point. Tour De France YorkshireTour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0056Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0058Nicolas Edet was also on his tod from the peleton. Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0060Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0062Tour De France YorkshireTour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0065Tour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_0071It had got a lot busy so I’d moved up the hill a little bit without realising but still love the wide angle view. Tour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireTour De France YorkshireIn no time at all, they were gone. Followed by a few team cars and then thousands of people ready to ride home. 2014-07-07_0079Allez, Allez, Allez!
Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_00812014-07-07_00822014-07-07_00832014-07-07_00842014-07-07_0085Tour De France Yorkshire2014-07-07_00872014-07-07_00882014-07-07_00892014-07-07_00902014-07-07_0091Cracking day and great to see everyone getting involved. They also announced a 3 day Tour of Yorkshire starting next year so I’m already looking forward to that.

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