October 28, 2012

Sarah & Darren’s Rhodes wedding, 12th October 2012 – part 1 (pre-wedding.)

Recently we headed out to Greece to meet up with Sarah and Darren, we had the privilege of shooting their wedding in this beautiful location. As we were out in Greece for the week we decided to make the most of it and shoot another pre-wedding shoot in Rhodes. You can check out their UK pre-wedding here. We shoot pre-weddings so couples get used to being photographed, it makes everything so much more relaxed on the wedding day. A second shoot in Rhodes helped us make the most of the location and create a plan for the wedding day.  Rhodes wedding 

One of the many view in Rhodes.

We found some shade to avoid the baking heat, it was very warm but that comes with some amazing light. Paul rocking some 35mm action with this half finished building.
Tim setting up this shot with the window holes. There was so much possibility walking round it was a good idea making a plan the day before so we could get a time scale on things. Sarah & Darren were really cool to work with, up for anything. Even walking into this unfinished apartment block to get this shot below.And climbing up onto this wall below, although we agreed this wouldn’t be happening in the wedding dress 🙂
This is Paul’s camera face, glowing inside 🙂The scenery was fantastic which allowed for some amazing backdrops, we can shoot all day anyway but with some much choice it’s difficult to stop. Eventually we decided to head down to the beach trying to catch the sunset.This one above is one of my favourite shots, taken by Paul. Love the light, the set and Sarah’s windswept hair 🙂 I challenged him to try get it again on the day. 🙂 It was a cool shoot and nice to explore a new place. With a plan set for the wedding day we could get set for a warm wedding. The Wedding blog will go live very soon.

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