September 7, 2012

Sarah & Darren’s Haworth pre-wedding, 2012.

We recently met up with Sarah and Darren for their Haworth pre-wedding shoot. Darren was telling us how he didn’t understand why people get nervous when they have their pics taken. However upon arrival at Haworth, the nerves kicked in. He already knew we were going to start with long lenses so we got some banter on the go and set about shooting them (with the cameras). It wasn’t long before they relaxed and we could start getting closer.

After some walking shots, with the public jumping in…we walked up to the village main street. We weren’t sure how busy it would be and it was nice to find empty streets giving space for us to wander around and shoot where we wanted.We know Haworth quite well so wanted to head out of the top of the village and out into the hills. It’s nice to get variety when possible, plus the light was fantastic.Tim checking out the view whilst Paul ignores the couple and takes a photo of Tim 🙂We love this small wall framing Sarah and Darren.Then it was back to the small streets of Haworth.

Darren was worried the cat was stealing the limelight! definatley loosened up by this point, he was loving the camera 🙂We love this one 🙂After rocking “Rose & Co,”  (Rose & Co is an old drugists in Yorkshire, selling all things vintage and quirky) we walked to the bottom of Haworth where we had parked in the train yard, leaving some time to grab a few last shots.Afterwards we heading to an Ale house to discuss the wedding details. We had a cool time with these guys and are looking forward to joining these guys in Rhodes for their Wedding in September. It won’t be long now guys 🙂

Sarah & Darren's Rhodes wedding, 12th October 2012 - part 1 (pre-wedding.) - Stott & Atkinson Photography : 22:43 October 28, 2012
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