October 18, 2012

Rachel and Jason’s Wedding @ Cedar Court, Denby Dale 8th Sept 2012

On the 8th of September I met up with Rachel & Jason to document their wedding. Rachel is my (Tim’s) sister so it was a family day with lots going on and all the kids playing hide from the photographer 🙂 I met Rachel at their house for morning preperation, whilst Rachel got ready the other girls were at the hairdressers so we had a nice peaceful morning.

Plenty of time to shoot all the details, just before all the girls arrived and the house got busy again. Hair and make up coming together.With the dress on we got a quick portrait of our bride, bridesmaids and this cheeky baby is Scarlett, Tim’s daughter.I met the guys at the church as Paul was shooting a friends wedding in Leeds. I  had 5 mins spare before Rachel arrived so nipped down the road from the Church to grab some portraits. Loving Jasons Iron man cuff-links, quicky though as Rachel was about to arrive. After a lovely ceremony we had some time to relax outside the church, we even got some sunshine.Always strange doing a group shot with a buch of people you know 🙂 After group shots we decided to head down the road from Cedar court to some fields I had sourced so we could get away from the crowds.After speeches everyone hit the dance floor with breaks to the chocolate fountain before getting ready for the first dance. Rachel and Jason had dance lessons in secret to surprise everyone. I’m told if you search Rachel and Jason’s first dance on you-tube you can see a next day example.

It was a lovely wedding with loads of Kids running round and lots going on. To see more photographs check out there on the day slideshow below.

Rachel & Jason, Cedar Court, September 2012. from Stott and Atkinson on Vimeo.

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