August 11, 2012

Rachel & Jason’s pre-wedding, Denby Dale, Yorkshire – 2012

We recently met up with Rachel and Jason for their pre-wedding shoot. This was always going to be an interesting shoot as Rachel is my sister so it’s not only strange for the couple at first, it was also a little strange for me. We did what we always do, start with a long lens so we’re not too close and build up their confidence getting closer as the couple get more comfortable with us.
We met up at Cedar Court near Denby Dale which is where the wedding reception will be held in September. After a quick scout around and a few shots we decided to head down the road to some open fields. It’s nice to get a way from the venue sometimes, especially as on the day guests like to follow us around.
Denby Dale Some longs lens walking shots to get these guys relaxed, for me too 🙂 Denby DaleDenby Dale After Getting the above shots at the venue we chatted about the wedding day and realised the venue is a bit like a goldfish bowl so everyone would be watching the shoot. With this in mind we decided to head down the road to some open fields, get some variety. Denby DaleDenby DaleDenby DaleI was loving these field full of crops and then the pile of debrisDenby Dalestott and atkinsonstott and atkinson The shoot went really well and did exactly what it’s supposed to do, relax Rachel and Jason so when we bring out the camera on the wedding day they know what to expect and can enjoy the day rather than panicking about the camera 🙂 See you guys soon.

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