November 1, 2013

Paul got Marrried to Jodie :)

Way way back in June, Paul got Married to Jodie. Here’s some photos shot on film from there Faversham wedding. Being one of his best men along with his Bro Gary, I decided I wanted to take a camera of some kind but not to be busy taking photographs all day. With there being lawn games and a Nerf ball, I couldn’t possibly take photos all day.

I borrowed (which mean had it for the past 2 years.) Paul’s Olympus OM-10. It’s rocking a 50mm 1.8 and I decided to go a some Ilford Delta 3200 film, even though I had an f1.8 lens and it was mid summer. This is clearly me choosing the name over function.

After loading the film, I shot some images of Duke to make sure the film was definitely at the start. 1 – 1 to focus 🙂

jo + Paul-1jo + Paul-2jo + Paul-3jo + Paul-4I like to think these images of Jack would have been cool if they were in + Paul-5jo + Paul-6Same with this one below with Auntie + Paul-7jo + Paul-8jo + Paul-9jo + Paul-10jo + Paul-11jo + Paul-12Getting a little better with focus before food, Scarlett wanted to eat straight away 🙂jo + Paul-13jo + Paul-14jo + Paul-15jo + Paul-16jo + Paul-17jo + Paul-18jo + Paul-19Paul shooting me and me shooting him, seems he is better than me at getting a shot in + Paul-20jo + Paul-21jo + Paul-22jo + Paul-23jo + Paul-24jo + Paul-25jo + Paul-26Gutted this one is + Paul-27jo + Paul-28jo + Paul-29jo + Paul-30jo + Paul-31After food I speeches I headed around the University grounds to get Scarlett to + Paul-32jo + Paul-33jo + Paul-34It was great to have fun and shoot the odd photo here and there. I really enjoyed the shooting film for a change. Next time I’ll use a better choice of film and work on the manual focus side of things, having a 20 year old camera with an incredibly small, mucky viewfinder doesn’t film but it all adds to the fun.

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