June 10, 2016

Melissa and Elliot’s Taitlands Wedding – Settle Wedding photographers 2016

Our second wedding of the year was with Melissa and Elliot for their Taitlands Wedding and what a wedding it was. We had rain, snow, sunshine and more snow. The Taitlands were ready for anything with brollies at hand, Michael Mulholland was helping guests relaxed with his accoustic set up.  Melissa and Elliot didn’t let the weather effect the day and cracked on for a relaxed and happy wedding. Stand out moments for us would be Melissa and Elliot breaking tradition and walking up the aisle together, everyone enjoying the sunshine and then some gorgeous evening light for a few portraits. It was a great day, we chosen some of our favourites below, Congratulations Melissa and Elliot! Taitlands Wedding Taitlands Wedding Taitlands-4 Taitlands-5 Taitlands-6 Taitlands-7 Taitlands-8 Taitlands-9 Taitlands-10 Taitlands-11 Taitlands-12 Taitlands-13 Taitlands-14 Taitlands-15 Taitlands-16 Taitlands-17 Taitlands-18 Taitlands-19 Taitlands-21 Taitlands-22 Taitlands-23 Taitlands-24 Taitlands-25 Taitlands-26 Taitlands-27 Taitlands-28 Taitlands-29 Taitlands-30 Taitlands-31 Taitlands-32 Taitlands-33 Taitlands-34 Taitlands-35 Taitlands-36 Taitlands-37 Taitlands-38 Taitlands-39 Taitlands-40 Taitlands-41 Taitlands-42 Taitlands-43 Taitlands-44 Taitlands-45 Taitlands-46 Taitlands-47 Taitlands-48 Taitlands-49 Taitlands-50 Taitlands-51 Taitlands-52 Taitlands-53 Taitlands-54 Taitlands Wedding Taitlands-56 Taitlands-57 Taitlands-58 Taitlands Wedding Taitlands-60 Taitlands-61 Taitlands-62 Taitlands-63 Taitlands-64 Taitlands-65 Taitlands-66 Taitlands-67 Taitlands-68 Taitlands-69 Taitlands-70 Taitlands-71 Taitlands-72 Taitlands-73 Taitlands-74 Taitlands-75 Taitlands-76 Taitlands-77 Taitlands-1Taitlands-78 Taitlands-79 Taitlands-80 Taitlands-81 Taitlands-82 Taitlands-83 Taitlands-84 Taitlands-85 Taitlands-86 Taitlands-87

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