January 9, 2014

Jenny + Shaun – The White Hart, Saddleworth Wedding – 2013

Over Christmas we met up with Jenny and Shaun for their wedding at The White Hart, Saddleworth. Tim met up with Jenny and her Bridesmaids whilst Paul headed on towards Manchester meeting up with Shaun. It was a super chilled out morning although I think Jenny was a tad more nervous than she was giving away 🙂 Once everyone was suited and booted we rocked the ceremony with some lovely light bouncing through two windows, check out the first kiss below with some nice rim light and a haze to it. Their wedding favours were mini Christmas trees which was a nice touch, especially for the people that actually grow them and can decorate them in years to come. There are some fantastic views from The White Hart looking down over Manchester! It’s not often you get a golden hour at a winter wedding in England but we got lucky…..hell yeah!!

Food was amazing and our photo booth went down well with a record 19 people in it which well exceeds the size of our background. Below is a selection of our favorites, for more images check out the slideshow which we created on the day for everyone to visit in between dancing. We had a brilliant day and fun was definitely  had by all. Enjoy the images 🙂

JennyShaun001JennyShaun002JennyShaun003JennyShaun004JennyShaun005JennyShaun006JennyShaun007JennyShaun008JennyShaun009JennyShaun010JennyShaun011JennyShaun012JennyShaun013JennyShaun014JennyShaun015JennyShaun016JennyShaun017JennyShaun018JennyShaun019JennyShaun020JennyShaun021JennyShaun022JennyShaun023JennyShaun024JennyShaun025JennyShaun026JennyShaun027JennyShaun028JennyShaun029JennyShaun030JennyShaun031JennyShaun032JennyShaun033JennyShaun034JennyShaun035JennyShaun036JennyShaun037JennyShaun038JennyShaun039JennyShaun040JennyShaun041JennyShaun042JennyShaun043JennyShaun044JennyShaun045Love this light blasting through the window.JennyShaun046JennyShaun047JennyShaun048JennyShaun049JennyShaun050JennyShaun051JennyShaun052JennyShaun053JennyShaun054JennyShaun055JennyShaun056JennyShaun057JennyShaun058JennyShaun059JennyShaun060JennyShaun061JennyShaun062JennyShaun063JennyShaun064JennyShaun065JennyShaun066JennyShaun067JennyShaun068JennyShaun069JennyShaun070JennyShaun071JennyShaun072JennyShaun073JennyShaun074JennyShaun075JennyShaun076JennyShaun077JennyShaun078JennyShaun079JennyShaun080JennyShaun081JennyShaun082JennyShaun083JennyShaun084JennyShaun085JennyShaun086JennyShaun087JennyShaun088JennyShaun089JennyShaun090JennyShaun091JennyShaun092JennyShaun093JennyShaun094JennyShaun095JennyShaun096JennyShaun097JennyShaun098JennyShaun099

Jenny + Shaun – The White Hart, Saddleworth Wedding – 2013 from Stott and Atkinson on Vimeo.

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