July 1, 2013

Jenny + Joss, Luddington Pre-wedding – Yorkshire 2013

A few weeks ago we met up with Jenny + Joss for their Luddington Pre-wedding. This is where Jenny’s parents live and we were in for a treat. After meeting up we decided to head straight out to the church where Jenny + Joss are to marry. You can see it from Jenny’s parents house so it’s only a short drive away. We got some walking shots first as we always find that this helps couples relax.After checking out the church and surrounding areas we headed over to a barn where the wedding reception will be held. Again, this can be seen from the Church. It’s like a mini triangle of venues which is awesome for us as we get more time to take fantastic photographs 🙂And there is loads of photo opportunities, plus an awesome dog 🙂 And after rocking the Barn we headed back to Jenny’s parents house. Which is also full of amazing opportunities 🙂 We had a chat afterwards about wedding plans etc and Jenny’s mum kindly offered us some tea and toast. Before we knew it, sausage and bacon was being cooked. Along with home made bread this was one of the best pre-wedding shoots ever 🙂Loving these photographs we found on the walls.We decided to grab a few more shots after lunch whilst getting all the final details and then we were set for home. We can’t wait for Joss + Jenny’s wedding, see you guys soon!

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