July 31, 2012

Jane & Ben, Rombalds Hotel, Ilkley wedding, 2012.

A few weeks ago we met up with Jane and Ben for their Ilkley wedding. They got married at the Rombalds Hotel in Ilkley before heading to Crocoe Village hall for the reception. As always, Tim met up with Jane at the Hotel whilst Paul met up with the guys at their home.
Janes was relaxing with close friend Suzanne, some bubbly and Jane’s little girl Freya crawling around 🙂
Ben and the guys had a night of beers to help with sleep before bacon butties all round whilst getting ready. We usual see lots of girls getting ready and running around and a few guys relaxing. Jane and Ben were almost the opposite with all Bens’ rugby mates round to liven things up whilst the girls chilled out.

The guys getting ready before heading to Ilkley.Ilkley weddingIlkley weddingIlkley weddingIlkley weddingRombalds HotelRombalds HotelThe girls getting hair done up and enjoying champagne.Rombalds HotelRombalds HotelRombalds HotelRombalds HotelWe love these moments of laughter and relaxing before the nerves kick in.Rombalds HotelRombalds HotelRombalds HotelPaul got this cool shot with all the guys in together.Rombalds HotelRombalds HotelSeeing Dad for the first time 🙂Rombalds HotelRombalds HotelDad clock watching and Ben looking back at Jane 🙂Stott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonAfter milling around the courtyard, everyone was about to head to Cracoe Village hall, we decided to get some quick portraits before heading out.Stott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonAfter arriving at Cracoe and checking out the lovely hall, we got some more portraits shots before grabbing the group shot.Stott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonStott and AtkinsonThe speeches went down well before some cake cutting action and the first dance.Ilkley MoorIlkley MoorIlkley MoorIlkley MoorIlkley Moor

It was a lovely day, the rain came and the sun dried it all out, we got brilliant light in the evening. Everyone was smiling, laughing and dancing the night away as we packed up our photobooth and closed down the slideshow. Check out the slideshow below, best viewed in HD. Set to Jane and Ben’s first dance music.

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