July 17, 2013

Helen + Harry’s Pre Wedding Shoot at Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire.

Here we have the lovely Helen and Harry! We met up with them for their Pre Wedding Shoot at Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire and had a good old catch up about their wedding plans over tea. They are getting hitched this year at the amazing Danby Castle, its going to be awesome! But for now enjoy these guys getting all loved up 🙂
An early bit of rock climbing to get these two warmed up. Sitting on the rocks having a chat and snuggles.
Harry’s special Pre wedding sock choice Kermit for the win!  Big rock! Tiny people 🙂
When these guys were super relaxed with the camera being there, we got up close and personal for some more intimate action. Love these, they are so happy in each others company………and ours 🙂 Harry ignoring the “DO NOT TOUCH”  sign……cheeky 🙂Bit of a teaser for the first dance here!

These guys are now Pros and totally rocked their pre wedding portraits! We can’t wait to join you both for your wedding day! see you both again soon 🙂

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