April 20, 2014

Hannah + Steve’s Pre Wedding Shoot in Scarborough.

Thursday just gone we shot Hannah and Steve’s Pre Wedding Shoot in Scarborough. We decided to meet early and avoid the Easter holiday rush and get a more relaxed seaside vibe. Me and Tim make regular visits to the coast with our families as it is one of our favorite things to do 🙂 After a quick slice of cake and a brew we headed out to explore the delights of Scarborough and get some portraits. (fish and chips may have been on the list of things to do)…..well it would have been rude not to really! Hannah and Steve are so relaxed and friendly it was like being out for the day with old friends. We can’t wait for their super relaxed wedding in May. Enjoy these pics for now and HAPPY EASTER! 🙂preweddingblog001preweddingblog002preweddingblog003preweddingblog004preweddingblog005preweddingblog006preweddingblog007preweddingblog008preweddingblog009preweddingblog010preweddingblog011preweddingblog012preweddingblog013preweddingblog014preweddingblog015preweddingblog016preweddingblog017preweddingblog018preweddingblog019preweddingblog020preweddingblog021preweddingblog022preweddingblog023preweddingblog024preweddingblog025preweddingblog026preweddingblog027preweddingblog028preweddingblog029preweddingblog030preweddingblog031preweddingblog031apreweddingblog032preweddingblog033preweddingblog035preweddingblog036preweddingblog037preweddingblog038preweddingblog039

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