December 25, 2014

Best of 2014 with Stott + Atkinson

We’re going to keep the chat short, here are our favourite compositions, light sources, fantastic colours, funny moments and amazing people from 2014. It’s so difficult to get it down to just a few, after out first cull we have over 200.  Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Stott and Atkinson photography -1Stott and Atkinson photography -2Stott and Atkinson photography -3Stott and Atkinson photography -4Stott and Atkinson photography -5Stott and Atkinson photography -6Stott and Atkinson photography -7Stott and Atkinson photography -8Stott and Atkinson photography -9Stott and Atkinson-205Stott and Atkinson-10Stott and Atkinson-11Stott and Atkinson-12Stott and Atkinson-13Stott and Atkinson-14Stott and Atkinson-15Stott and Atkinson-206Stott and Atkinson-16Stott and Atkinson-17Stott and Atkinson-18Stott and Atkinson-19Stott and Atkinson photography -20Stott and Atkinson photography photography -21Stott and Atkinson-22Stott and Atkinson-23Stott and Atkinson-24Stott and Atkinson-25Stott and Atkinson-26Stott and Atkinson-27Stott and Atkinson-28Stott and Atkinson photography -29Stott and Atkinson-30Stott and Atkinson-31Stott and Atkinson-32Stott and Atkinson-33Stott and Atkinson-34Stott and Atkinson-35Stott and Atkinson-36Stott and Atkinson-37Stott and Atkinson-38Stott and Atkinson-39Stott and Atkinson-40Stott and Atkinson-41Stott and Atkinson-42Stott and Atkinson-43Stott and Atkinson-44Stott and Atkinson-45Stott and Atkinson-46Stott and Atkinson-47Stott and Atkinson photography -48Stott and Atkinson-49Stott and Atkinson-50Stott and Atkinson-51Stott and Atkinson-52Stott and Atkinson-53Stott and Atkinson-54Stott and Atkinson-55Stott and Atkinson-56Stott and Atkinson-57Stott and Atkinson-58Stott and Atkinson-59Stott and Atkinson-60Stott and Atkinson-61Stott and Atkinson-62Stott and Atkinson-63Stott and Atkinson-64Stott and Atkinson-65Stott and Atkinson-66Stott and Atkinson-67Stott and Atkinson-68Stott and Atkinson-69Stott and Atkinson-70Stott and Atkinson-71Stott and Atkinson-72Stott and Atkinson-73Stott and Atkinson-74Stott and Atkinson-75Stott and Atkinson-202Stott and Atkinson-76Stott and Atkinson-77Stott and Atkinson-78Stott and Atkinson-79Stott and Atkinson-80Stott and Atkinson-81Stott and Atkinson-82Stott and Atkinson-83Stott and Atkinson-84Stott and Atkinson-85Stott and Atkinson-86Stott and Atkinson-87Stott and Atkinson-88Stott and Atkinson-89Stott and Atkinson-90Stott and Atkinson-91Stott and Atkinson-92Stott and Atkinson-93Stott and Atkinson-94Stott and Atkinson-95Stott and Atkinson-96Stott and Atkinson-97Stott and Atkinson-98Stott and Atkinson-99Stott and Atkinson-100Stott and Atkinson-201Stott and Atkinson-101Stott and Atkinson-102Stott and Atkinson-103Stott and Atkinson-104Stott and Atkinson-203Stott and Atkinson-105Stott and Atkinson-106Stott and Atkinson-107Stott and Atkinson-108Stott and Atkinson-109Stott and Atkinson-110Stott and Atkinson-111Stott and Atkinson-112

Stott and Atkinson-200If you’ve made it this far and like what we do, hit our contact button and get in touch. Email or call, we don’t mind. Let’s get together, have a laugh, get some awesome photographs to remember and treasure forever!

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