February 4, 2012

2012 – New blog, New year for Leeds Wedding Photographers

So it appears that “best of 2011,” posts are the thing to do at the moment so with a new blog ready for a new year, rather than re blogging all 2011 weddings it makes more sense to post some of our favourite photographs from a fantastic year, hopefully with¬†many more to come as Leeds wedding photographers, covering Leeds, Yorkshire, anywhere really ūüôā

Richard & Gill confetti shot at Bagden Hall.This was taken at Richard and Gill’s wedding at Bagden Hall, Denby Dale, West¬†Yorkshire¬†1st¬†September. When shooting a wedding we like to know a schedule for the day and plan our times based on this but Richard and Gill’s wedding was a last minute booking. This meant no time for a pre-wedding shoot, no time¬†to check out¬†the venue and no time to get to know the couple,¬†however¬†it was still a¬†brilliant day.¬†The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was relaxed and we got some fantastic shots. This being one of our favourites.

Wedding photography

This is the kind of shot I really love. The light, the compostion and the moment. This was a quick shot as we were just about to leave the room and head for the ceremony when Gill decided to re-touch her lipstick.

Gill walking down Bagden hall stair case.

A minute later and we were enroute to the ceremony down this beatiful staircase with Gill’s gorgeous dress trailing behind.

Richard & Gill portaits at Bagden Hall, into the sun.

Once we have shot the group shots, family portraits etc we like to sneak away with the couple to get some portraits. With Gill and Richard the light was perfect as we took a tour of Bagden hall. Here we left them alone for a moment to get a chance to take the day in and relax whilst we find the best angles.

wedding photography

We found this red brick wall within the Bagden hall grounds which makes a fantastic background¬†to capture some portraits in front of. We did a quick tour of the grounds beforehand scouting out locations, we’d hate to see something after the wedding that we wish we could have used.

Cupcakes at Bagden Hall, wedding cake.

This is something we are seeing a lot more, less wedding cakes and more cupcakes. Easy to share and make for some cool photographs.

Wedding flowers


wedding photography

The girls toasting the bride, Cheshire wedding, Oaklands hotel.

This was taken at Rachel and Andy Williamson’s wedding, The Oaklands Hotel, Cheshire. Our first ever full wedding was Rachel’s sister Catherine so it was nice to see familiar faces. The girls had a sleep over at Rachel’s house the night before so when I arrived everyone was relaxing in PJ’s with canapes and champagne.¬†We love how close the family are and how inviting they made us feel too.

Smiling bride

The excitment in Rachel’s face is brilliant, Rachel couldn’t wait to marry Andy and it really showed.

happy bride

First time seeing Rachel ready to go, this is one of my favourite shots from Rachel and Andy’s wedding.

The rings at Andy & Rachel's wedding

church ceremony

It’s nice to stand back at weddings and watch. You can see moments building up like this one, the anticipation as¬†Rachel and her bridesmaids waiting for the signal to enter the church.

Rachel and Andy, confetti shot at Oaklands hotel

Bridesmaids at a Cheshire wedding

I love Paul’s shot of the bridemaids laughing.

Cheshire weddings, bride and groom portraits.

We did a similar shot to this one at¬†Rachel and Andy’s pre-wedding shoot, it nice to be able to mention the pre-wedding shoots and¬†couples know exactly what to do.

wedding speeches

The speeches going well.

wedding rings

happy couple

This shot is from the wedding of Sally and Kevin Goodyear at the Crown hotel in Harrogate. Another relaxed morning with the brides and bridesmaids. We’ve yet¬†to meet a nervous bride which always amazes me.

confetti photo

This confetti shot¬†was a nightmare to organise as the bar is at the opposite end¬†to the hotel exit. With a bit of teamwork we got everyone¬†outside, shot a group shot and then managed to grab this confetti shot too ūüôā


harrogate wedding

There are some really nice spots for photographs inside the Crown Hotel in Harrogate but no one want photographs just indoors so we headed out over the road to a small park opposite the hotel. It was pretty busy so we had to be patient waiting for people to walk by but definately worth it.

wedding portraits

wedding portraits

harrogate wedding photography

For a lot of people the “No Cycling,” text on the floor would ruin this photograph but like me, Kev is a cyclist so it has a little quirkyness to it.

wedding photography

We love watching for these small moments, since dropping off the photographs to Sally and Kev I have now seen the photograph they are taking in this photograph.

wedding photography

morecambe wedding photography

This was a¬†cool wedding for me (Tim) as¬†the groom is Gary Mason, a friend¬†from primary School¬†in Lancaster. I moved to leeds 18 years ago and hadn’t seen Gary for 17 years. It was a cracking day as Gary is always joking around and we had fun shooting the day.

Gary and Carolines Mason’s wedding highlights are on facebook, here are a few that we like best.

morecambe wedding photography

morecambe wedding photography

Group shot outside the Lancaster Town Hall, a fantastic building that was great for some distance portraits and some intimate shots like the one below.

wedding rings


Another awesome moment above when someone cracked a joke and Gary couldn’t contain himself.


Once we had shot some groupshots we headed down to¬†the beach with Caroline and Gary. the sun was setting and it couldn’t be missed.

sunset wedding photo

wedding photobooth

The photobooth at Caroline and Gary’s wedding went down well. Love this one.wedding photobooth

Sam Fitton was a magician at Gary and Caroline’s wedding and he was really good too, very entertaining without being in the way.

wedding dress

This one was taken at a quiet moment during Tracy and Alan’s wedding.¬†The light in the room was beautiful so I took a step outside to frame the shoes and dress.

wedding photo

Alan and Tracy were a brilliant couple who really  wanted to get some awesome photographs so we took a walk from the York Hospitium round to the York Minster. The weather was perfect and the Minster as always looked amazing.

wedding photo

The miniture minster made a good spot to shoot the rings.

wedding photo

The good thing about two of us taking photographs, whilst one of us stays with the Bride and Groom the other can get some shots from a far.

wedding photo

It’s nice to get up close as well though, capturing the small details.

wedding photo

wedding photo

We shot this at Leanne and Neil’s wedding at High House farm, Matfen. We’ve known Leanne for years and it was a real pleasure to shoot their wedding day. It was a very cool wedding and loads of¬†personal touches, beers pegs for drinks, personilised beer¬†and sunflowers to name a few.

barn wedding photo

vintage wedding photo

alternative wedding photo

We finished with a photobooth and Leanne’s Dad brought loads of his hats which added another cool personal touch that people were loving.

wedding photo

wedding photo

This is from Vicky and Daniel’s wedding all the way up at Gretna Green. Check out the runaway wedding photographs on our facebook fan page.¬†(Only Joking ;))

We’ve loved every wedding we’ve had the pleasure of attending and are looking forward to this years weddings. Every wedding is different


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