October 1, 2012

1st Birthday Party time

On the 24th September 2012 Scarlett Emily Atkinson, my (Tim) daughter was 1 year old. Naturally Paul attended her birthday and naturally the cameras came along too. After an inital invite list we realised out humble home just couldn’t fit everyone in comfortably, so we hired St/Benendict’s Catholic Church hall to celebrate Scarletts 1st Birthday Party.
After decorations, some balloons and a circus tent is all you need 🙂 One of Scarlett’s cool presents which started a battle of shoes on, shoes off, shoes on…Tasty cake waiting for kids to dig in.Musical minis Claire came along to entertain the wee ones, although I have my suspicions that Sarah enjoys dancing and singing more that Scarlett. Everyone enjoyed it and all babies were ready for action.After introductions and dancing came “noisy time,” This is the first time I have seen a musical minis session and it really is awesome.After tidying the instruments away we did the okey cokey 🙂Then it was time to help Scarlett blow out her candle.Party Food!Which was messier for some kids more so than othersWe finished off with play time, plenty of space to run around and tire each other out. Ending with lots of sleepy babies.

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